Whats on in Havana this week?

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Music Concerts in Havana

Are you thinking about visiting Havana soon?

If you like Cuban music and want to know all the information about the different music concerts scheduled in Havana for each week, congratulations!

Whats on in Havana brings you all the information you need to choose the best concerts in Havana.

Not only you will have all the information regarding the different concerts scheduled for each week, but also you will have all the information related to the most successful Cuban bands these days.

In Whats on in Havana we also offer you all the information about the different venues where these concerts take place. A very useful information to be aware of all the musical events that are taking place in Havana.

What is your favourite genre?

Jazz: best venues are “La Zorra y el Cuervo” or “Jazz Café“, both located in Vedado’s neighbourhood. Also “Café Miramar” located in Playa.

Timba (Cuban Salsa): most traditional venues for Timba are: “Casa de la Música de Miramar” (in Miramar) and “Casa de la Música de Galiano” (in Centro Habana). Another options are “Salon Rosado de la Tropical” (Playa) or “Salón Rojo del Capri” (Vedado).

Trova: if you prefer Cuban trova you should try: “Diablo TunTun” (Miramar), “La Casa del Alba” or “La Casona de Linea” (in Vedado).

Rock: yes, in Cuba there is also Rock, and Whats on in Havana provides you the best places to see live Cuban rock bands: for example: “Fabrica de Arte” or “Submarino Amarillo” (both in Vedado).

Funk: bands like “Interactivo” or “Qva Libre” can be found on venues like “Bertolt Bretch” or “Café Cantante“, both in Vedado.


Most International Cuban Bands are:

Havana D’Primera

Alain Perez

Charanga Habanera

NG La Banda

Issac Delgado

Havana D'Primera